Create your own Catalog


Have you ever struggled with how can you show the shortlisted products to your team?

It takes good amount of time to make a presentation of the selected products – either you have to put in effort to do the same or wait for a long time for your vendor to share!

We have simplified this for you – now, you can make a catalogue on your own just in few clicks. You can select the Size, Model and based on your selection you can add all products to your catalogue and can download it.

It is actually as simple as you are reading this… so, don’t wait and create as many catalogues as you want and keep sharing it within your team.


How to make Catalog?


  1. You will need to create an account first. So Sign up and login to your account to activate the feature.
  2. Once you are logged in, on the product listing page - below every product you can see – “Add To Catalog” option.
  3. Once you click on this, a new window will pop up and it will ask for a Name. You can give any name to your catalog and then click on the check box next to the name that you have given and Click on Save.
  4. The product that you have selected is now added to your Catalog. Now, whenever you select the next product and click on Add to Catalog – it will keep on adding to the same Catalog that you just created.
  5. You can add any no. of products that you want to one catalog and you can also create as many catalogs as you want.
  6. Note: For making the next catalog, you have to Log out and Log in again. Once, you log in to your account and choose / create a catalog then all the products that you select will be added to the same catalog only. For creating / adding products to another catalog – you need to Log out and Log in again.



How to Download the Catalog?

  1. Once, you are done with adding all products to the catalog, you can download the same.
  2. Go to My account and then click on My catalog. Else, you can also check out catalog from the header under the login icon:




  1. Click on the dropdown next to Filter by Catalog and select the catalog that you wish to download and then click on the dropdown next to Download Catalog to download your pdf.
  2.  In case, you wish to edit the pricing for your client then you can simply click on edit and change the pricing for the Catalog.


Enjoy and Keep creating catalog for ease of work !